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Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey Before & After Photos

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Drywall cracking and peeling next to door in Montgomery, NJ

Drywall repair in Montgomery, NJ.

Ceiling damaged from roofing water leak in Clinton, NJ

After a roof leak her ceiling was damaged and Kendall R. contacted the Drywall Doctor for a ceiling repair and paint match.

Pipe leak causing water damage to ceiling in Hillsborough, NJ

Ceiling repair in Hillsborough, NJ.

Hole in living room ceiling in Somerville, NJ

Upon receiving a complimentary estimate and customer approval, our team swiftly scheduled to implement a solution. Dennis and Jose exhibited meticulous care, ensuring a flawless ceiling repair to completely satisfy the customer.

Drywall damage to living room wall in Milltown, NJ

Paul S. needed a few repairs in his home, you may see the before and after pictures after our drywall experts did the repairs and matched the existing paint.

Drywall crack in closest in Milltown, NJ

Paul S. requested a repair on his wall as well as a painting after the repair was completed.

Small hole in drywall in Highland Park, NJ

Drywall Repair in bathroom wall.

Pipe leak causing water stain to ceiling in Basking Ridge, NJ

After a leak in his ceiling Joe C. needed a few repairs on his living room ceiling. Here are the results of the repair.

Ceiling damage in hallway in Montgomery, NJ

Drywall ceiling repair after a ceiling leak.

Complete living room ceiling installation in Hillsborough, NJ

Frank B. wisely entrusted Drywall Doctor with the meticulous task of installing a ceiling in his living room. Following his meticulous completion of insulation and a crucial electrical job, our team of Drywall Experts dedicated two days to ensure the project was executed to perfection, leaving Frank thoroughly satisfied with the results.

Ceiling damage from to rodents and birds in Somerville, NJ

Following damage caused by rodents and birds camping out in one of our customer's ceilings, a repair became imperative. Once a complimentary estimate was provided and approved, our efficient team promptly scheduled the job. The outcome was nothing short of impressive; Jose and Dennis delivered meticulous solutions and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Ceiling peeling apart in Bedminster, NJ

Patrick C.'s stunning kitchen was in need of some repairs, and our team was eager to address the issues. Our proactive administrator swiftly gathered details about the project's scope and arranged for Patrick to meet with one of our drywall experts for a free estimate. After receiving the estimate Patrick agreed to proceed, and our dedicated team delivered an intricately detailed result later that day, leaving no trace of mess behind.

Water leak causing damage to room in Milltown, NJ

After a leak in his ceiling, Paul S. needed a repair and paint. The results provided by Drywall Doctor were as expected and very professional.

Large hole in stairwell drywall in Highland Park, NJ

Drywall repair in highland Park.

Drywall stress cracks in Highland Park, NJ

Wall repair, drywall installation.

Multiple water stains on bedroom ceiling in Colonia, NJ

Within a day after approving the estimate, Cliff B.'s job was able to be completed by our drywall experts. Dennis and Jose collaborated to make sure the job was completed to the customer's satisfaction. After the drywall was dried Dennis returned to paint the job and Cliff was more than happy to leave a 5-star review!