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Restore beauty & durability with plaster repairs

Plaster is a beautiful and durable building material that can transform any space. From sand-faced finishes to a smooth cast surface or a roughcast look, plaster can stand out or blend in, depending on your taste. That's unless you have cracked walls or damaged ceilings.

When a plaster wall or ceiling is cracked, scratched, or brittle, it can take the charm out of a space. But there is no reason to worry. Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey is the trusted plaster repair company in Central New Jersey. Not only do we fix holes and cracks in plaster, but we also ensure everything looks flawless. Plus, we even offer a complete initial customer satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year craftsmanship warranty!

Are you starting a home renovation, kitchen remodeling project, or redoing your bathroom? Make sure your walls and ceilings complete your vision with plaster repairs from the experts at Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey! We provide free estimates throughout New Jersey, including Woodbridge, Edison, Old Bridge, and nearby.

Why does your home need plaster repairs?

When choosing plaster over drywall or sheetrock, homeowners often note the durability and elegance it can add to the home. But without the proper maintenance, crumbling plaster, cracked walls and ceilings from settlement, scuffs, and other damages can weaken the building material, lower home value, and diminish the overall appearance. That's where Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey comes in. Whether your home has holes, crumbling, or cracks in plaster walls or ceilings, we can handle any damage — no matter how big or small!

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Benefits of plaster repairs:

  • Will keep the plaster looking great - boosting home value and appearance
  • Ensures plaster surfaces are durable and better protected from damages
  • Can enhance a home renovation by fixing cracked plaster and revitalizing surfaces
  • Texture and paint matching with all plaster repairs provide blemish-free, beautiful results
  • Work comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year craftsmanship warranty

Do your plaster walls or ceilings have a decorative finish, like veneer, matte, or a skim coating? We also provide texture and paint matching with all plaster repairs. So not only do we ensure lasting durability, but we also restore beauty to your space. No one will ever be able to tell there was damage in the first place!

How to repair plaster walls & ceilings

Many homeowners wonder how to patch holes and cracks in plaster walls and ceilings themselves. Patching plaster may seem like the more affordable and less stressful solution — but these cracked walls and ceilings are more than just cosmetic. If there are already holes, crumbling, or cracks in plaster, the surrounding area can also become easily damaged.

Without proper plaster repairs, walls and ceilings may still be vulnerable, and damage will continue to spread. Ultimately, this can bring down your home's value and curb appeal. Plus, it'll cost you more to pay for repairs again later on.

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Why choose us for plaster repairs?

DIY plaster patching methods and inexperienced contractors treat cracked walls and ceilings as cosmetic damage. Holes and cracks in the plaster are signs of a deeper issue. Proper repairs will produce beautiful, durable results with reinforced, blemish-free surfaces, preventing further damage.

That's exactly what Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey provides. Plus, we even offer texture and paint matching services to create a seamless finish you'll be proud to show off!

Our plaster repair services:

  • Brittle & cracked plaster repair
  • Plaster restoration & revitalizing
  • Fixing cracked walls & ceilings
  • Plaster repairs for home renovations
  • Damaged plaster repair from settlement
  • Texture & paint matching

Our plaster repair process

1. A free, on-site plaster repair estimate & inspection

Whether you need wall restoration for a home renovation, repairs for cracked walls or ceilings, or just revitalizing services for multiple rooms, with an on-site plaster repair inspection, we can look at the work needed and provide an accurate estimate, all at no cost! So you can have confidence in our expertise and that we are providing you with the right solutions, not any more or less.

When we provide a free, no-obligation plaster repair estimate, we explain the issue in detail and the scope of work with the cost. So you have clear expectations and trust in the process right from the start. If you agree to the price, we'll set an appointment for service!

2. Prepping the area

Plaster repairs can get messy. Brittle, cracked plaster can break and coat floors, furniture, ductwork, and more. Plus, anytime there are tools and building materials in the home, it is better to be safe with your belongings and the surrounding area. That is why our crew preps your home as if it were their own, fully covering the area with drop cloths and tarps and fastening them to keep the area debris, paint, and dust-free.

3. Repairing cracked walls & ceilings or other plaster repair services

We start by identifying the cause of cracked walls and ceilings and create a personalized plaster repair plan to strengthen the surface and prevent future damage. If your home has holes and cracks in plaster walls or ceilings, we remove loose plaster and smooth jagged edges to prepare the surface. After, we apply repairs or other plaster services depending on your needs.

From repairing wall cracks to revitalizing a plaster ceiling for a home renovation, we ensure your space looks better than new.

4. Texture & paint matching

After we complete your plaster repairs, we can give your walls a seamless finish with texture and paint matching. Whether you're remodeling the kitchen, doing a bathroom renovation, or just looking for simple plaster repairs, texture and paint matching will complete the project, producing beautiful results, and make it look like there was never any damage!

Plaster repairs will boost value by strengthening walls and ceilings. Paint and texture matching adds even more value and curb appeal with stunning results!

5. Complete satisfaction guarantee & a 2-year workmanship warranty!

Once we complete plaster repairs and services, we clean up the area like we were never there. You'll have durable, beautiful plaster walls and ceilings that will revitalize any space! But we aren't happy with the results until you are. That's why we offer a complete initial customer satisfaction guarantee. And to ensure even more confidence in our work, we also provide a 2-year workmanship warranty!

Schedule a free plaster repair estimate in the Central New Jersey

Whether you're planning a kitchen renovation, starting a home remodeling project, need to fix cracked walls and ceilings, or want to revitalize plaster surfaces throughout the home, Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey is the expert you can trust! We offer reliable service, quality materials, and long-lasting solutions throughout Central New Jersey.

No matter how big or small the job, we strengthen plaster walls and ceilings. And with our texture and paint-matching services, we create seamless, beautiful results that will revitalize any space. No one will know there was ever damage in the first place!

Schedule a free plaster repair estimate to learn more. As your trusted plaster repair company, we offer an initial customer satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year craftsmanship warranty throughout New Jersey, including Old Bridge, Woodbridge, Piscataway, Union, Perth Amboy, Plainfield, New Brunswick, Edison, and nearby.