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Somerville, NJ Drywall Repair & Paint Matching

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For a FREE no-obligation estimate in Somerville, NJ, please fill out the estimate form and Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey will contact you shortly. Do you need cracked wall and ceiling repairs? Are you looking to boost the appearance and value of your Somerville home? Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey offers durable plaster repairs, ceiling repairs, and so much more to help you enhance the look of your home.

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Somerville ceiling & wall repairs

  • Wall Repair
  • Wall Texture Matching
  • Plaster Repair
  • Drywall Repair
  • Ceiling Repair
  • Ceiling Texture Matching
  • Paint Matching
  • And More!
Whether you have wall cracks or water-damaged ceilings, we have the solutions you require to eliminate your interior wall and ceiling problems. Contact us today at (908) 458-9900 or simply click below to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate in Somerville and nearby.

Full-service drywall repairs in Somerville

Drywall is known for its durability, however, it is not indestructible. Ceilings and walls can become damaged due to kids, pets, moving furniture, house settlement, home repairs, and everyday wear and tear. Fortunately, Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey offers seamless drywall repair.

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Why hire a professional drywall contractor?

  • Large cracks or holes require more materials and steps to fix.
  • Drywall dust can dry out your skin.
  • Risk of asbestos and lead paint exposure, particularly for homes built prior to 1978.
  • Electrical cords or plumbing lines running behind the drywall can pose a safety hazard.
  • Fine drywall compound particulate can injure your lungs if inhaled.
With an initial customer satisfaction guarantee and a two-year craftsmanship warranty, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call at (908) 458-9900 or fill out our online form to schedule a free drywall repair estimate in Somerville!

Somerville seamless plaster repairs

Plaster is a durable and attractive building material that can completely transform a space. However, plaster ceilings and walls can become brittle and crack over the years. Fortunately, Drywall Doctor of Central New Jersey proudly offers long-lasting plaster repairs to homeowners in Somerville and nearby.

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Our plaster repair services:

  • Texture & paint matching
  • Brittle & cracked plaster repair
  • Plaster restoration & revitalizing
  • Fixing cracked walls & ceilings
  • Plaster repairs for home renovations
  • Damaged plaster repair from settlement

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Upgrade your Somerville home with drywall repair, ceiling repair, and so much more. We offer durable materials, highly trained professionals, and incredible warranties. Plus, we offer free, no-obligation estimates in Somerville. Get in touch with us today to schedule yours!